Small Business Battles a Lack of Resources

Whether capital or labor, both are precious resources to a small business. Hiring employees, penetrating new markets, improving products and processes, all carry unique risks that strain resources. As a manager or owner, knowing the financial condition of a business in real time is more than vital – it can be the difference between success and failure.

How We Can Help You

MjG Consulting Group (MCG) specializes in providing accounting and bookkeeping services to small businesses using QuickBooks based accounting systems. Our experienced Bookkeepers, Accountants and Consultants (read more About Us ) work with clients to provide timely, relevant, and reliable financial information; empowering them to improve their businesses through making sound business decisions, managing cash flow, improving profitability and obtaining financing when appropriate.

If you’re a business owner or manager looking for:

  • A Professional Outsourced Accounting Department;
  • Help with a QuickBooks Based Accounting System;
  • Temporary Bookkeeping or Accounting Need;
  • A Interim or Part-Time Controller;
  • Sound Financial Management & Analysis; or
  • A Way to Take Your Business to the Next Level,

Then We Can Help You!

Interested in finding out more, we offer prospective clients a one-hour, no-obligation consultation. Contact Us now to arrange a time to discuss your small business needs.

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