What’s Financial Management?

Financial management is the process of managing a business’s financial resources to: 1) create intrinsic value; 2) generate cash for operations; 3) improve future opportunities; 4) minimize financial shocks; and 5) provide adequate return on investment based on risks. The process starts with sound accounting and a solid understanding of both the internal business and the external marketplace. Further, financial management just doesn’t happen overnight. Rather, it’s an ongoing process of monitoring, adjusting and planning.

What We Offer

We provide a complete line of financial management and planning solutions to small businesses. As former business owners, managers and financial professionals, we can bring corporate level analysis and experience to your small business. Whether your business needs a few strategic questions answered, loan / investor package, ad-hoc financial modeling or assistance with a startup venture, we can help. However, we generally recommend a more comprehensive approach to the financial management process that begins with a Financial Assessment of a business followed by ongoing monitoring, management and planning. A Financial Assessment addresses the following business areas.

  • AR, AP and Inventory to determine cost & uses of capital
  • Development of Annual / Monthly Budgets
  • Revenue Forecasts
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Product / Service Lines P&L Analysis
  • Cost of Goods Sold, Gross Margin and/or Cost of Sales Analysis
  • Capital Needs & Expenditures
  • Cost of Capital & Borrowing Activities
  • Management / Owner Goals
  • Development of Quantifiable Objectives, Measurable Sales / Operational Metrics & Financial Recommendations

Not every business or industry is the same, so the level of assessment, analysis and time will vary. However, end results are the same - a basis for managers and owners to manage day-to-day operations in incongruence with their strategic objectives. Once completed, we can continue to work with businesses on an ongoing planning basis or as ad-hoc needs arise. We also offer the following ad-hoc services on an as needed basis.

  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • P&L Financial Analysis
  • Pro-Forma Statements
  • Bank & SBA Loan Packages
  • Investor Packages
  • Ad Hoc Excel Modeling
  • Capital Needs & Expenditures Assessment

Getting Started

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