Every Business Needs Financial Leadership

Many small businesses lack the resources to employ a full-time Controller / CFO, while others find this key position periodically vacant. Without a financial manager, there likely is no financial prospective on a management team and nobody truly qualified to oversee day-to-day accounting operations. Simply relying on bookkeepers to record accounting transactions and outside CPAs to file tax returns doesn’t ensure that proper internal accounting / business controls, procedures or policies are followed or that an accounting system is producing timely, relevant and reliable financial information. If your business lacks a financial manager, then it may lack proper financial oversight and direction; thereby, increasing the likelihood of encountering an unforeseen financial crisis.

What Does A Controller Do?

A small business Controller is typically responsible for managing the financial resources of a business; i.e., accounting, finance, banking, insurance, tax, audit and reporting duties. Oftentimes, HR and legal are also included. A Controller adds management and accountability to all the day-to-day financial operations and ensures that accounting / business controls, procedures and policies are not only developed, but followed. From a strategic standpoint, a Controller also:

  • Seeks to reduces financial risks;
  • Works to improve cash flow, net income and reporting;
  • Plans for accounting systems growth and up-grades; and
  • Advises management on the use of financial resources, planning, capital needs and financing.

Don’t Go Without, Don’t Rush To Hire

Controllers typically command from $90,000 to over $150,000 a year, plus bonuses and benefits. For most small businesses, paying such salaries can be a strain on resources, especially if there is only a part-time workload. Further, hiring the wrong person can be an expensive and time consuming endeavor. With such an important and demanding position, don't make the mistake of hiring in hurry or going without – both often lead to poor results.

What We Offer

Our Controllership Services provide the perfect solution for a small business looking for part-time or interim Controller/CFO level support. Our corporate accounting professionals are experienced accounting managers, controllers and CFOs with professional degrees and designations. Further they draw upon our collective experience and resources in helping clients meet their accounting and general business needs. Together we provide the following Controllership services to small businesses.

After retaining our services, you can expect our professional financial manager to work as an integral part of your management team, providing for:

Getting Started

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Benefits of A Controller / CFO

  • More Time to Focus on The Core Business
  • Enhanced Oversight of Financial Operations, Controls & Resources
  • Improved Decision-Making Capabilities & Planning
  • Creditability with Bankers, Investors, Partners & Board
  • Piece of Mind

Controller /CFO Responsibilities

  • Oversight of Accounting Cycle & Staff
  • Development & Documentation Best Practices
  • Review & Negotiation Insurance Policies, Vender/Supplier Agreements & Client Contracts
  • Budget Preparation & Monitoring
  • Cash Flow Management & Analysis
  • Revenue Forecasting & Financial Analysis
  • Business Planning & Capital Needs Assessment
  • Liaison to Bankers, CPAs, Auditors, Investors, Attorneys, Vendors & Insurance Agents
  • Oversight of Financing Activities
  • Assess Capital Expenditures
  • Oversight Contracting, HR, etc
  • Special Projects and Ad Hoc Analysis