• Weekly, Monthly Payroll Processing
  • 24/7 Online Access
  • Print Check, Stub & Reports from your computer
  • Free Direct Deposit, Tax Filings & EFT Deposits
  • User-Friendly Payroll Reports
  • Records Secured & Backup by Intuit
  • Intuit Backed Guarantee on Tax Calculations
  • Accounting Program Integration

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Payroll Services

The Pains of In-house Payroll

When it comes to payroll, most business owner’s and manager’s want nothing to do with it. The average small business spends 8 hours / month on payroll – that's 12 full days a year! In spite their best efforts, 1 out of 3 small businesses ends up incurring payroll penalties that average around $1,500 a year for simple mistakes!

There’s A Better Way - OUTSOURCE IT!

As Payroll Specialists and Intuit-Certified ProAdvisors, we bring a powerful combination of personal attention backed by Intuit enterprise solutions and support. Our payroll solutions are a perfect fit for small businesses with less than 50 employees that need an affordable and accurate payroll solution.

With our online payroll system, managing payroll has never been easier.

Online Payroll

We offer several flexible online options that allow clients to choose how much or little they want to be involved in the payroll process while still providing all the services of Full Services Payroll. Either way, our Online Payroll is a user-friendly, automated payroll processing system that takes the pain out of payroll. Take a tour now.

Payroll Demo

Self-Directed Payroll

For those who prefer a high degree of control, we have Self-Directed Payroll. The client runs payroll, files tax reports, makes tax payments, etc, and we’re here to assist as needed. We can run payroll, prepare tax reports or whatever is needed to help out – the client is in charge. We’ll set the business up on the online system and train employees to use it in less than hour. It’s that easy. Run a sample payroll and see for yourself how easy it really is.

Assisted Payroll

For those who would rather not be bothered by payroll, our Assisted Payroll is the best option. We’ll do all the payroll processing, filing of tax returns, deposits, etc. The client enters the employee’s time and approves selected transactions. The rest is up to us.

After-The-Fact Payroll

This service is best for business currently are performing their own payroll and just need help completing tax and accounting requirements. We process your manually-prepared payroll records and provide the following.

  • Tax Filings & Deposits
  • Prepare Tax Forms: W-2, W-3, 1099, etc
  • New Hire Report Filings
  • User-Friendly Payroll Reports
  • Accounting System Payroll Entries
Payroll Brochure

Accurate Paydays

  • Guaranteed accurate tax calculations
  • Direct deposit
  • Professional paychecks & stubs
  • Secure online access
  • Pay Employees & Subcontractors
  • Vacation & sick pay tracking
  • Multiple Pay Types: salary, hourly, bonuses, tips, etc
  • Multiple Deductions: medical, retirement plans, FSA, etc

Federal/State Tax Deposits & Filings

  • W-2's, W-4's, I-9's
  • Quarterly & yearly filings
  • Multi-state tax payments & filings
  • Employer registration & new hire reporting

Accounting Software Integration

  • QuickBooks
  • Peachtree®
  • Microsoft®Money
  • And Much More, Just Ask Us

Detailed Reports

  • Employer: Total Pay & Cost; Tax Liability, Wages, Payments; Workers' Compensation; Vacation, Sick Leave & Retirement Plans; and more.
  • Employee: Payroll Summary; Payroll Details; Deductions and Last Paycheck

1 Pricing based Self-Directed payroll for a business with less than 5 employees located in one location. Additional costs for assisted payroll, additional employees and multiple state locations. Contact us for a quote.