About Us

Who We Are

MjG Consulting Group is a professional bookkeeping and financial consulting firm based out of Northern California. Our mission is to provide small business with timely, relevant, and reliable financial information at a cost that is affordable to small businesses.

Our firm is lead by Michael Guy, an experience accounting professional and small business owner with over 15 years experience in accounting, finance, general business, entrepreneurship, project management and consulting. Mr. Guy has serviced in the roles of President, CFO, Controller, Board Member and Accountant for a variety of small businesses as well as an Accounting Manager of a publicly-traded Fortune 1000 company with annual revenues exceeding billion dollars. Mr. Guy holds a variety of professional credentials such as, Intuit Certified QuickBooks Pro-Advisor, Certified Public Bookkeeper (CPB), MBA with Finance emphasis and various securities licenses. Our associates and external partners bring a mixture of professional experiences and/or certifications in bookkeeping, accounting, finance, general business and IT.

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What We Do

We offer on-site and virtual services that support the bookkeeping, accounting and finance functions needed to run a small business (see Our Services). Our goals for every client engagement are to:

  1. Deliver timely, relevant, and reliable books;
  2. Automate & streamline the accounting cycle;
  3. Develop and document best practices;
  4. Provide management with relevant financial reports; and
  5. Offer strategic financial management that allows clients to make sound business decisions, manage cash flow, improve profit and obtain financing.

Our services are tailored towards the various growth phases small businesses face as they go from a basic outsourced bookkeeping need to operating a fully-staffed, internal accounting department head by a full-time Controller.

Who We Serve

Our core focus is working with small businesses that employ less than 40 employees and $20 million in annual revenue using QuickBooks-based accounting systems. We support sole proprietorships, entrepreneurs, corporations and partnerships as well as a wide range of industries such as:

  • Advertising & Marketing Firms
  • A&E and Design Firms
  • Consulting Firms, Professional Services & Freelancers
  • Construction & Landscaping Businesses
  • Restaurants
  • Technology-Driven Business

What We Represent

There is nothing more sensitive than proprietary financial information and nothing more important than integrity. As an organization, we promote a strong sense of business ethics, sustainable practices and forward thinking. Our mantra is simple - “short-term profit mentality leads to long-term negative consequence”. Great businesses have strong ethics, vision and long-term profitability. As an organization, we strive to exemplify what a great business should be – focused on serving our customer’s needs through profession conduct that creates value in an ethical and sustainable manner. Good consultants show up every day, great ones are guided by our core principals.

  • Accuracy & Reliability Come First
  • Professionalism Never Takes A Holiday
  • Customer Focused is Listening First, Talking Later
  • Deliver Value or Don't Charge
  • Continue To Develop Professionally
  • Take Personal Responsibility For Your Actions
  • Honesty Builds Integrity

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